Fluoride Treatment and Its Importance for Dental Health

When it comes to maintaining dental health, one of the elements we should care about is the fluoride. But it is worth discussing the amount and the source of this element.

You can get fluoride from mouthwashes, toothpastes and tap water. Additionally, there are over-the-counter medicines which you can consider safe for general usage unless there is a medical condition that restricts you from using those medicines. Fluoride treatment should also be available at your dentist’s office.

Importance of fluoride for your teeth

You may have heard about the terms demineralization and re-mineralization. These are the processes which happen with our teeth the entire time. When eat something and the food particles break, they form plaque which tends to take away necessary minerals which are essential for the strength of our teeth. This process is called demineralization. On the other hand, re-mineralization is the process concerned with the supply of necessary minerals to the teeth. It happens when we eat foods and drink liquids which contain minerals such as fluoride, calcium and phosphate. You can get your teeth re-mineralized with the help of foods and dental treatments.

Exposure to fluoride is especially important for the children teeth. When they are given extra amount of fluoride, they get their teeth protected well. It lays important foundation for the healthy adult teeth.

Different ways to get the supply of fluoride

There are different ways you can get the amount of fluoride in order to keep your teeth healthy.

  • Tap water is one of the most considerable sources of fluoride. In most of the towns and communities, fluoride is added to the water which comes out of the water taps in the houses in those localities. However, this supply of fluoridated water is not available in all of the towns and communities.
  • You can get fluoride form prescriptions pastes and rinses. However, you need to get prescription from your dentist in order to use those products. You can discuss the possibility of usage of these products during dental visits.
  • You can get fluoride gels or solutions applied to your teeth in the dentist’s office. This is the professional treatment which your dentist would provide to you.
  • In some instances, your dentist may suggest you the use of certain supplements which contain fluoride as one of the major ingredients.

How to know if you are getting enough fluoride?

With everything taken care of, you still need to check if you are getting enough amount of fluoride to strengthen your teeth. In fact, too much fluoride can turn out to be dangerous. Hence, you need to consult your dentist in order to get yourself checked thoroughly.

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